Vietnam Travel Guide

vietnam flagTraveling to Viet Nam independently is very easy. The country is safe and is completely open to tourists.

From the dizzying valleys of Sapa in northern Vietnam to the mesmerizing delights of the Mekong Delta to the south, Vietnam offers a host of attractions that will appeal to backpackers and affluent travelers alike.

Vietnam has an amazing and varied geography, delicious food, beautiful beaches and a very low cost of living.

The tourism development of the past 10 years has paved a route paved with attractions and places designed for tourists with all the necessary accommodations.

From North to South

Many travelers leave the ancient capital of Hanoi where French cafes alongside traditional shops.

Then they go to Ha Long Bay, one of the wonders of the world and to the mountain resort of Sapa where the Hmongs in colorful dress work the rice terraces.

In the center of Vietnam, the imperial capital of Hue offers a glimpse of yesteryear with the visit of the imperial city and many tombs. The very popular Hoi An near Danang is a very nice little town with old houses, a beautiful beach nearby and beautiful countryside.

A little further south, the region also offers many places spared by mass tourism. Landscapes are breathtaking and welcoming ethnic minorities can be found here. A tour guide is advisable to visit these more remote places where people only speak Vietnamese.

A trip to Vietnam would not be complete without a stop at one of the many seaside resorts. There is Mui Ne especially for surfing, sun and deserted beaches and Nha Trang with its crowded beach for partying or diving diploma

Saigon is a thrilling metropolis. It is a Mecca of Vietnamese culture and the best place to understand the complex history of Vietnam. It is also the best place to go shopping or discover gastronomy.

The Mekong Delta is the granary of Vietnam. The mangrove is a special ecosystem.

The sublime island of Phu Quoc is a great place to rest. The island is bathed by turquoise waters and has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: bay sao.

A little further away is Cambodia with the magnificent temples of Angkor, one of the most beautiful wonders of Asia with the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China.

Backpackers can easily spend a few months to visit Vietnam at a leisurely pace and at a lower cost. Tourists a little more affluent can travel quickly by taking domestic flights and enjoy a high-quality service in the resorts.

Go off the beaten track

saigonIt is totally possible to think outside the box in Vietnam. The country is safe, the few concerns such as touts and street vendors arrive rather in tourist areas.

Going to meet the Vietnamese is not necessarily obvious because of the language barrier. But a meeting in a cafeteria while drinking an iced coffee, it leaves imperishable memories.

To do this, no secret, you must have the courage to open up to others and move away from the tourist areas.

That said, a good local tour guide can be very valuable. He will take you to the right places and introduce you to the right people.

For my part what interests me the most when I travel is to meet locals. See how they live, their passions, discover their sense of humor.

Some tips from my personal experience

Find the right value for money

You can find really cheap excursions in Vietnam at 10 USD a day for example. But do not be fooled by the quality of the service. It’s good if you’re on a budget.

If you have some money, take first class tickets, medium / high-end mid-range / high-end tours. The value for money is really excellent when you go a little upmarket. The first prize services are generally disappointing.

Meet a Local

You must meet a local if you plan not to get ripped off in Vietnam. A good place to do this would be a Vietnamese dating website –

Contrary to popular belief these sites are not always for hooking up. You can meet a nice girl or guy on these sites to show you around. The best one would be Vietnam Cupid which you can read more about here –

Do not generalize

Some Vietnamese are rough but the majority is polite and benevolent. Do not generalize if you come across a scammer or two. In general, they are pretty nice if and welcoming to foreigners.

Doberman Pincher Facts

The Doberman is a medium-sized dog, with impressive stature, strength, and musculature. This imposing physiognomy, the black color of its coat and the great tradition of its use by the police have undoubtedly helped to build a reputation as a dangerous dog.

Yet he is a dog who knows how to be affectionate and who, from the beginning, was also destined to be a pet dog.


The Doberman is a medium-sized dog, with a square body, strong and muscular. He has strong jaws and a strong skull with small erect ears. Elegant and proud looking with a height at the withers of 68 to 72 cm for males and 63 to 68 cm for females.

The tail tied up high and erect and his hair is short, hard and tight. Her dress is always black or brown. The members well perpendicular to the ground.


The Doberman is from Germany and takes its name from Louis Dobermann of Apolda, a tax collector, who wanted a medium-sized dog capable of being both a good watch dog and a good companion.

It is for this reason that around 1890, he combines several breeds of dogs to create the “Doberman Pinscher”.

Since the Dobermans were frequently used as guard dogs and herd protection, but also as police dogs, which earned them the nickname “gendarme dog”.


Doberman Pinscher is known for being energetic, alert, brave and obedient. He is ready to give warning at the first sign of danger, but he is also naturally affectionate.

It is a particularly faithful dog that attaches easily to children.

He is obedient and easy to educate, even if he has a strong temperament.


The Doberman is a robust dog that has a very good constitution. However, it is particularly sensitive to heart problems (there is an increasing number of subjects affected by dilated cardiomyopathy ).

If the dog is a lot of exercises, it is advisable to have his heart monitored by a veterinarian at the age of two years.

The Doberman may also be subject to the following illnesses:

  • Narcolepsy
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Willebrand disease
  • Wobbler syndrome
  • Skin problems (alopecia, demodectic, atopic dermatitis)
  • Low tolerance to cold and moisture


The master of the Doberman must be ready to invest in the education and socialization of his dog. A defenseless nature dog, a poorly educated Doberman will quickly become painful for his master, his family, and his entourage because he will tend to be suspicious, even aggressive.

If it’s your first dog, the Doberman is not recommended for you. This breed is suitable for an experienced owner who will be firm and patient.

Unfortunately, the Doberman is often wrongly judged as being a “dangerous dog”. In reality, the Doberman is a dog with a strong temperament, but fundamentally good and loyal.

Only unselected individuals from random breeding may be ferocious and aggressive. Dobermans from serious breeding are affectionate family dogs.

Health Benefits Of Walking Your Dogs


Dogs become inactive, deaf and gain weight if he spends long periods of time locked at home and without attention.

It is also likely to develop some kind of behavioral problem, such as excessive barking or biting, and will probably tend to develop aggressive behavior and destructive behavior.

Therefore, exercise is not only important to keep a dog happy, exercise is vital to the physical well-being and mental health of the dog.

It is also great for your health and well-being, and an excellent pastime to spend time with your beloved dog.

The walk is a simple exercise that your dog and you will enjoy. Also, you do not need to go far to do it, nor do you require a great sports team.

Just walk a few blocks around your house, wear comfortable clothes and shoes, but if you like to walk in the woods, the countryside, the park, the beach or any other place, then go ahead and make sure your dog will love it and enjoy a great time together.

Slow and gentle movement of the walk helps you and your dog in many ways, it tones the muscles, provides oxygen to your heart, and is beneficial to the lungs. If your dog is not used to walking or is slightly overweight, start with a short 15-minute walk. Increasing time and pace as you win.

If you are the type of person who simply likes to walk out and feel the fresh air, then 1 or 2 miles of daily trekking is all your dog needs to stay in shape. If your dogs that like to go for walks has lots of energy you can increase the pace and distance, your dog will surely love it.

However, if you do not have enough time for long walks, your dog will be happy to walk with you a few blocks around your home 2 times a day.

The point is to spend time with your dog, exercise, be in shape and the best thing is that your dog will have a better behavior. I hope you are not a loose owner who never gives the time to go out at least to walk with your dog !!! It’s never too late to propose! Your dog will thank you.

The dog walk is one of the most important and delicate moments at the same time of the day. And is that the exercise of your can is fundamental to channel all your energy and release the accumulated tensions, in addition, to take advantage to do their needs.

A good walk or run in the park will always exercise that help a dog avoid obesity and all the problems generated by the stillness of the animal.


Importance of Exercise for Dogs

Whether you have a shepherd or an English bulldog this makes a huge difference in the frequency of dog exercises.

Just like a human being, dogs feel good about themselves after a good workout. The exercises help them feel happier and live better.

In addition, dog exercises service the bones, joints, muscles, and heart, which will allow your dog to slow down his aging. Every dog must do enough exercise to keep it healthy.

Training your dog throughout the day for hours is not recommended.

Your dog can sometimes be a little impatient if he does not get the exercise he needs.

How to dose the dog exercises?

A walk, if possible, twice a week will probably be good for your dog’s well being.

Your dog does not need to run marathons every day, and this is not recommended because it can harm his health.

However, if your dog’s breed is flat-nosed, a long race distance or a lot Is not going to be a fun part.

Dogs with crushed muzzles are breeds that need fewer exercises because these dog breeds do not sweat, they expel heat from their bodies through their nose.

Dogs with crushed noses cannot breathe as easily as those with long noses and unfortunately, they are prone to hypertension if the exercise is too intense or if they are exposed too long to high heat.

All breeds of flat-nosed dogs need to stay fit and healthy by practicing a daily walk.

Adapting an exercise program is perfect for your dog

In order to know how to dose the dog exercises, talk to your veterinarian first. It has a lot of experience with different breeds of dogs and it will fit the exercise to your 4 legged companions.

Buying toys to encourage play and exercise is another way to help your dog get active.  Asking the Pet store attendant question like “what kind of toys to pit bulls like?” would help you narrow down the best toy to get for your pet.

Some breeds are more prone to hip or heart problems, so the type of exercise that you engage to take is very important.

It is usually not recommended for most breeds to play because it allows dogs to jump into the air and fall back onto a hard ground and unfortunately this hurts their hips tremendously and can cause long damage term.

It is ideal to exercise your dog 2 to 3 times a week. A good walk such as a  walk of one hour, respecting the rhythm of your dog.


Optimal Waste Disposal Methods

Before throwing something into the ordinary garbage, make sure you do it appropriately. Here are some disposal methods that may be helpful:

Composting and recycling: A large number of items can be put to composting and recycling picked up in your area. Several Canadian municipalities have a green bin program for the disposal of biodegradable waste. Items vary from one region to another, but they often include kitchen waste, paper and paper products, aluminum boxes, glass and some plastics. A garbage disposal like these ( can really help with that.

Oversized Objects: Large objects such as beds, sofas and other types of furniture can be picked up along the roadway by your municipality for the regular collection of waste. Inquire about exclusions or limitations in your area regarding the number of items you can throw away.

Hazardous waste: Hazardous waste such as paint, cleaning products, and batteries are treated differently than other types of waste because of the chemical or toxic materials they may contain and which could contaminate groundwater or soil.

Many programs across Canada specialize in the safe disposal of hazardous waste. To find the program nearest you and for more information about deposits or special events dates, visit the websites of your municipal, provincial or territorial government.

Biochemicals: Biochemical waste such as needles, syringes or unused medicines are considered biological hazards. Needles and syringes should be placed in yellow containers labeled perforation resistant and may be delivered to local hazardous waste management facilities.

Many needle and syringe containers, as well as unused medications or expired prescription drugs, can also be brought to your local pharmacy. Proper disposal of such products is important to protect the quality of water, soil and the safety of others.

E-waste: Electronic waste is waste that contains unwanted electrical equipment and used batteries. E-waste should not be considered as garbage because its components can be harmful to the environment.

Electronic equipment contains toxic materials such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic. When burned, they turn into other toxins that pollute the air or contaminate the soil. Check with your local, provincial or territorial government to see if there are e-waste disposal programs in your area.

Clothes: Many household items that are in good working order can be donated or reused. Clothing and textiles are versatile items and can be processed, recycled or donated to charities or other non-profit organizations.

Some communities have pavement collection programs for donations of large items that are in good working order. Check with your local municipality and local charities about special events or deposits.

Transition Possible

Transition Possible serves veterans who incurred a physical injury
resulting in an amputation or functional limb loss or those who have incurred PTSD or TBI on or after the 1990 Gulf War. We serve our wounded veterans by healing the mind and body physically, emotionally and socially through adaptive sports, community engagement and career opportunities.

Our mission is to create awareness, inclusion, and integration of wounded veterans into our community. We strive to be the national leader in providing opportunities for wounded veterans to continue to thrive and lead a productive life in our nation.

Our Core Values

Adaptive Sports


CrossFit Membership Program

Wounded veterans can apply for an athletic CrossFit scholarship which consists of a year of membership at a designated CrossFit affiliate. CrossFit affiliates can apply for equipment reimbursement to increase their adaptive athletic offerings to their community.

CrossFit Adaptive Affiliate Locator Service

Wounded veterans can look up CrossFit affiliates in their area that are trained and equipped to work with adaptive athletes.

CrossFit Trainers Course for Adaptive Athletes

A training course to teach trainers/coaches on exercises and movement adaptations for individuals with amputations, functional limb loss or prosthetics.

Team Bomb Proof

Wounded veterans can apply to join Team Bomb Proof. The team will choose various athletic events during the year to participate in, such as Ironman, CRASH-B’s and various CrossFit Competitions.

Community Engagement

Warrior Summits

TP hosts an annual summit that connects wounded veterans, adaptive athletes, coaches, trainers, subject matter experts and keynote speakers to come together to understand the complexities of the challenges and issues that must be faced because they have experienced similar challenges. It’s about connecting, learning and growing.

Warrior Community Online Forum for Adaptive Athletes

A centralized online forum and network for wounded veterans, CrossFit affiliates, fitness facilities, trainers and coaches to access videos, pictures, articles and discussion boards on exercises and movement adaptations for individuals with amputations, functional limb loss or prosthetics.

Career Opportunities

TP believes in creating career opportunities for wounded veterans.
Long-term we will provide mentorship, training and resources for wounded veterans to open their own CrossFit affiliate to create a sustainable business.