Transition Possible

Transition Possible serves veterans who incurred a physical injury
resulting in an amputation or functional limb loss or those who have incurred PTSD or TBI on or after the 1990 Gulf War. We serve our wounded veterans by healing the mind and body physically, emotionally and socially through adaptive sports, community engagement and career opportunities.

Our mission is to create awareness, inclusion, and integration of wounded veterans into our community. We strive to be the national leader in providing opportunities for wounded veterans to continue to thrive and lead a productive life in our nation.

Our Core Values

Adaptive Sports


CrossFit Membership Program

Wounded veterans can apply for an athletic CrossFit scholarship which consists of a year of membership at a designated CrossFit affiliate. CrossFit affiliates can apply for equipment reimbursement to increase their adaptive athletic offerings to their community.

CrossFit Adaptive Affiliate Locator Service

Wounded veterans can look up CrossFit affiliates in their area that are trained and equipped to work with adaptive athletes.

CrossFit Trainers Course for Adaptive Athletes

A training course to teach trainers/coaches on exercises and movement adaptations for individuals with amputations, functional limb loss or prosthetics.

Team Bomb Proof

Wounded veterans can apply to join Team Bomb Proof. The team will choose various athletic events during the year to participate in, such as Ironman, CRASH-B’s and various CrossFit Competitions.

Community Engagement

Warrior Summits

TP hosts an annual summit that connects wounded veterans, adaptive athletes, coaches, trainers, subject matter experts and keynote speakers to come together to understand the complexities of the challenges and issues that must be faced because they have experienced similar challenges. It’s about connecting, learning and growing.

Warrior Community Online Forum for Adaptive Athletes

A centralized online forum and network for wounded veterans, CrossFit affiliates, fitness facilities, trainers and coaches to access videos, pictures, articles and discussion boards on exercises and movement adaptations for individuals with amputations, functional limb loss or prosthetics.

Career Opportunities

TP believes in creating career opportunities for wounded veterans.
Long-term we will provide mentorship, training and resources for wounded veterans to open their own CrossFit affiliate to create a sustainable business.